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If you notice a flaw in one of my audio recordings, please add it to this list so that I can correct it. Thank you ! 🙂

About me

My name is Lucas (pronounced /ly.'ka/) and I work in the field of Natural Language Processing and Human-Robot Interaction. I began contributing to Wikimedia projects with the French-speaking Wiktionary a few years ago, during my studies in Linguistics. Shortly after, I heard about Wikimédia France's Lingua Libre project thanks to the the local group from Lyon (France), and started contributing immediately. Since I don't live in Lyon anymore, I only meet up from time to time with the Cabal of Lyon, for example on the occasion of a monthly meeting at the KoToPo, to discuss and share about Wikimedia projects.

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I take part in the meetings of the Cabal of Lyon !

My work

I mostly contribute to the Lingua Libre project, by recording words and phrases (pronounced by myself or by other people), administrating and raising awareness about the project. I had the opportunity to present Lingua Libre at various in-person and remote training sessions, and at online events like ContribuLing and Wikimania.
I was a Lingua-Librist in Residence during the summer 2021. I worked on improving Lingua Libre in various ways, with the aim of including the diversity of French accents in the Dictionnaire des francophones.

Contact me

You can write something on my Talk page or send me an e-mail