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Will Murray
@ Meta (English)
Licensing and Attribution

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Hello. My primary user page is located at the English Wikipedia. If you wish to leave me a general message, please add it to one of my talk pages at Wikipedia, Wikibooks, or Commons. If you wish to discuss something specific to this Wiki, such as logos or other proposals, go ahead and leave me a message here, though I do not login here as often as I do at the other three projects.

Activities on Meta[edit]

I am currently involved in the logo proposals for Wikibooks and Wikijunior:

WikiJunior logo proposals

Discussion for a WikiJunior Logo is ongoing. These logos were created by me as proposals for a new WikiJunior logo. Please add your thoughts to the appropriate discussion pages.

These logos are part of Proposal C, Version C2:

Description Type   v1 Logo
Stiki Jr. mascot Standard   n/a StikiJunior Mascot.svg
Stiki Jr. with a wikibook Standard   C2.1 StikiJunior C2.1.svg
Stiki Jr. with star background Standard   C2.1 StikiJunior C2.2 star.svg

These logos are part of Proposal D, Version D2:

Description Type   v1 Logo
Primary colors Favicon   D2 Wikijunior D2 favicon.svg
Primary colors Standard   D2 Wikijunior D2.svg

Wikibooks logo proposals

Voting on the Wikibooks Logo proposals has ended. These logos were created as proposals for a new Wikibooks logo; however, none of these logos were selected. The final selection was one that had received very little interest until I revived it and featured it, giving it more exposure. I'm happy that I directly influenced the new logo, even if none of my own logo submissions were chosen. :-)

These logos were part of Proposal D, Version 10.x:

Description Type   v4 Logo   v3 Logo   Earlier Logo
Plain, blue Favicon   D10a.4f Wikibooks D10a.4f.svg   D10a.3f Wikibooks D10a.3 favicon.svg   D10af Wikibooks D10a favicon.svg
Plain, blue Standard   D10a.4 Wikibooks D10a.4.svg   D10a.3 Wikibooks D10a.3.svg   D10a.2 Wikibooks D10a plain.svg
Globe, blue Favicon   D10d.4af Wikibooks D10d.4af.svg   n/a n/a   n/a n/a
Globe, blue Standard   D10d.4a Wikibooks D10d.4a.svg   D10d.3a Wikibooks D10d.3a.svg   n/a n/a
Plain, green Favicon   D10b.4f Wikibooks D10b.4f.svg   D10b.3f Wikibooks D10b.3 favicon.svg   D10bf Wikibooks D10b favicon.svg
Plain, green Standard   D10b.4 Wikibooks D10b.4.svg   D10b.3 Wikibooks D10b.3.svg   D10b.2 Wikibooks D10b plain.svg
Globe, green Favicon   D10d.4bf Wikibooks D10d.4bf.svg   n/a n/a   n/a n/a
Globe, green Standard   D10d.4b Wikibooks D10d.4b.svg   D10d.3b Wikibooks D10d.3b.svg   D10d Wikibooks D10d.svg

Licensing note: If this work is not selected by the Foundation for its own use, then my portion of the work will automatically enter into the Public Domain. If this work is a "derivative work" (refer to the description above to see if any other works are mentioned), then other licenses could apply that prevent this work from being released it into the Public Domain. In that case, I agree that this work shall be licensed in any other manner consistent with more restrictive license terms (GFDL, Creative Commons, LGPL, etc.) that may apply. In other words, it's as free for you to use as the cumulative effects of all other licenses allow (if any apply).