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Hi! I'm Woodwalker.

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This user is a member of the Small Wiki Monitoring Team.

Language skills[edit]

Since I am patrolling and editing for the Small Wiki Monitoring Team, it might be necessary to tell something about my language skills. My mother tongue is Dutch. I also speak English quite well and can speak German and French at an average level. I learned Latin at school and I have basic knowledge of Spanish and Italian. As such I also understand a little of related Roman languages (Catalan, Portuguese, Romanian, Galician, Occitan, etcetera - and also Esperanto which appears similar to Roman languages to me). The same counts for Germanic languages (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Afrikaans or regional German languages like Allemannish, Boarish, or Low German). Of course I am not able to communicate in these languages but I can more or less understand what is written.

I also have very basic knowledge of Russian, Czech, Polish, Slovakian, Bulgarian, Greek, Arabic, Hindi/Urdu, Mandarin and Turkish. This doesn't go further than knowing how to say hello etcetera, but reading is easier than communicating and I might be able to deduce the meaning out of a sentence now and then.

I can read and understand the Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic and Devanagari alphabets and know a few Chinese characters as well.

IRC links[edit]

Personal channel: ##Blokhut

Wikipedia chat (Dutch): #Wikipedia-nl

Wikipedia chat (English): #Wikipedia-en

etc. for other languages.

Small wiki vandalism: #cvn-sw

English Wikipedia vandalism: #cvn-wp-en

Commons vandalism: #cvn-commons

Admin requests: #wikimedia-admin

Steward requests: #wikimedia-stewards