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We as seen by the Foundation on the one hand and the Communities in the other hand[edit]

Seventeen years ago the Wikimedia Foundation was founded. Followed by local Chapters like Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. and others. You can look all this up in our trusted online-encyclopedia, so I don't have to elaborate further.
But let me add some information about my perspective. I started out fifteen years ago as edititor in the German Wikipedia, was rather active in Wikisource in the collaborative effort to transcribe the "Zimmerische Chronik". I drifted towards Commons as a means to illustrate my articles. Began meeting fellow editors via the German Regional "Stammtische". That also got me my first glimpse into the political layers underneath the surface of Wikipedia. Within the Community itself - "What are they doing to my article". But also already Community against Foundation, when the German Wikipedia received a big Media Price that was beeing presented in a city in the region. But to pick up the price only people from Wikimedia Deutschland went and no regional authors were taken along. The presenters of the price couldn't be blamed, because they wouldn't have known the difference.

Luckily the physical meetups improved with larger and more diverse participants As a simple editor I was almost put-off from these physical meetings, because hearing these same gripes from physical meeting to physical meeting with no change of perspective lessens the fun of going to meetings. Luckily the Became more involved via