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In this year around early September, marked the very beginning of my contribution in the Wikimedia movement. I am a Computer Software Engineer by profession and I loved to contribute in an open movement in a technical perspective and in a movement that wants to foster knowledge for free. After a long time of search, I found Wikimedia movement to be the perfect fit for me. With my skills set around PHP, JS, Python, C etc... I found a match in the movement to work on MediaWiki and other Wikimedia projects to further improve on my engineering skills and knowledge. Since I wanted to contribute technically (first priority), I started by doing some work on MediaWiki and it's extension and began progressing with the tremendous help of software engineers and experience technical experts in the field. When the Google Code-In 2015 round was launched in December 2015, then it all began...

December 2015[edit]

This month, I mentored the Google Code-In 2015 program under the Wikimedia Foundation and certified at the end of the program. This was an awesome experience to see young folks code for a period of 2 months on open source projects :). At this time also, I already had about 20 patches that were officially merged into the Wikimedia projects (which was a huge motivation that pushed me to continue contributing).