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Second year in Wikimedia, good one, few months of contributions but great work and here goes. After mentoring the Google Code-In program that ended in 2016 in January, I started preparing myself to apply for the Google Summer of Code program for 2016. Then the next big thing happened :)


In this month, I was selected as one of the students for the program under the Wikimedia Foundation amongst 8 students in total in the Wikimedia Foundation. I worked on a project in which I implemented Wikidata trigger into IFTTT and also wrote automated tests for the entire application and did an RSS view for the existing and newly implemented trigger. This project was a success because I completed it and finished the program. This project ran from May till August so through out this period, I was busy writing code. To add, I am a Google Certified "Google Summer of Code" participant for 2016 under the Organisation of Google and Mentoring Organisation / Open Source community Wikimedia Foundation.

The Google Summer of Code 2016 program ended in late August 2016 and it was an awesome summer of code. My project was used to defend my Final Year Thesis (BEng) and it was also a success and validated the course / project with an A Grade and was one of the most outstanding student in my badge.


After writing code during the summer and defending my final year project thesis, I resumed contributions fully in the Wikimedia movement. This month marked the beginning of another wonderful experience in my activities in the Wikimedia movement. I again mentored the Google Code-In 2016 and this time around mentored more tasks than the previous year. It was very successful and this project is also organised by Google and mentoring organisations work with students to accomplish tasks and build their skills on open source contributions. Again, I mentored in the program under the Wikimedia Foundation and was certified as a GCI mentor for the year 2016.