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User:Yes0song/Oppose to the name Wikimedia South Korea

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I oppose the name Wikimedia South Korea (not yet established). "South Korea" is not the "official" short name of the Republic of Korea and it was named arbitrarily and temporarily by other countries. The Government of the Republic of Korea call the country just "Korea" not "South Korea". According to the Constitution of the Republic of Korea, "The territory of the Republic of Korea shall consist of the Korean peninsula and its adjacent islands," which means ROK denies North Korea (at least proclamatorily), and its opposite "South Korea" doesn't exist, either.

Of course, a refutation can be occurred: "Wikimedia Foundation doesn't support any political stance" or "Wikimedia Foundation is politically neutral." Of course, I understand the foundation's policy, but "Wikimedia South Korea" is NEVER neutral, either.

If Wikimedia Foundation compels Koreans to use the name "Wikimedia South Korea", it means that:

  1. Wikimedia Foundation support a specific political point of view:
    • The Republic of Korea's correct short name is "South Korea", NOT just "Korea".
    • The Republic of Korea's territory is the southern part of the Korean peninsula NOT all the peninsula
  2. Wikimedia Foundation compel the branch (which will be located in the jurisdiction in the Republic of Korea) to adopt the "political point of view" above (against the Republic of Korea).

Thus, I suggest two choices alternatively:

  1. Wikimedia Foundation names the branch "Wikimedia ROK."
    • The "ROK" (Republic of Korea) is acceptable both to the Government of the Republic of Korea and Wikimedia Foundation.
  2. Wikimedia Foundation names the branch "Wikimedia Korea."
    • Actually, "Korea" is used by braches of many multinational organizations and companies in the Republic of Korea, for example, Korea Scout Association and Yahoo! Korea because many of them can't enter North Korea.
    • If North Korea adopt an open-door policy or Korea achieve reunification, maybe "Wikimedia Korea" will be able to cover all the peninsula.

I prefer choice #1 to prevent legal problem concerning North Korea.