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My name is George.

  • Studies: Nursing (BA), Physics (BA), Maths (BA), Mental Health (MSc), Neurosciences (MSc), Guitar (Diploma), Music theory (Diploma), French, English and German as a foreign language (C1 at some time of my life ).
  • (Other) Interests: free love, open and free society, meditation, struggle for an equal world (without exploitation) (I have managed though very very few in ALL these fields ...)
  • Projects: My main project at the time is a maths learning project in German wikibooks: Mathematrix
  • Profession: Nurse for some years, currently working as a teacher for mathematics and science mainly with adult refugees and students that had difficulties in the main school system (and didn't make it there...).
  • Contact: yiorisos@posteo.gr

See also my german site in Wikibooks