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I am trying to find what can be done to make the relations better between EL and Wikipedia. I am trying to find how the relations are now and what EL and Wikipedia wants to do. So, this page is for the moment only some notes for helping me. Don't hesitate to add your comments. -- Youssefsan


This is still a draft, so they may be a lot of mistakes and I may forget some points. Please add your comments. If I make any mistake please correct me. -- Youssefsan


  • EN : English Wikipedia and the international Wikipedia (they are the same)
  • EL : Enciclopedia Libre
  • Es : Spanish Wikipedia

What has been done or being done

  • EN :
    • move from .com to .org, all major Wikipedias have also moved.

The .com was considered by some as the symbol of the comercial goals of Wikipedia as oposed to opensource.

    • System enabling to make easy links between Wikipedias.
    • Freedom given to Wikipedias in other languages to choose their own logo (see the French Wikipedia)
    • International mailing list where all languages are permitted
    • The English mailing list is moved off of Wikipedia-L so that Wikipedia-L belongs to the whole project to discuss policy issues (any language welcome).
    • Server time is moved from American Pacific time to the international standard UTC. Now it is easier to set user time preferences and no one nation is intentionally favored (but UTC, by chance, is closer to most times in Europe).
    • The broken software has been replaced by a much better version and is being updated regularly.
    • TEX for formalas in matematics
  • EL
    • set up a talk and vote under the title return to wikipedia
    • supress subpages : it will make more easily the fusion between ES and EL or at least make more easily the update of ES. It seems that they want to supr

subpages at least for articles about countries

What has been promised or what is very likely to be done

  • EN
    • Set up a non-profit : we don't know when (no time limit)
    • No advirtisemnts on Wikipedias
    • To give sysop powers to major contributors of EL
    • Brion wants to give more power to other languages : more freedom to update and translate the software
  • EL : Juanan has written that he wants to install this year Phase III

What may be done

make this site not focused on English. Under discussion (many people seems in favour of that)

What is asked

Here are some conditions that are been asked. Most of them are only opinions f participants without any discussion or consensus. However I think they are very usefull to understand the prolem and act proprely. Some points may not be outdated, since I am looking in the archives of various talks

  • EL : Near futur
    • More link from the Spanish Wiki to EL (Ironside)
    • EN stop controlling the ES server ( Tuxisuau imprscinfdible condition)
    • The non-profit set-up. No banners ( Tuxisuau imprescinfible condition)
    • EN : english wikipedia moved to or, etc (Tuxisuau imprescindible condition)
  • EL : Later
    • Change the name of Spanish Wikipedia into Enciclopedia Libre (Ironside)
    • Change the logo of ES (Ironside)

Critics from EL

  • Non-profit in the USA