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Not to be confused with Yuuki Konno.
Yuuki Konno
金野 裕希
— Wikimedian —
BornMay 17, 1994 (25 years, 9 months and 5 days old)
Ninohe, Iwate, Japan
Current locationKarumai, Iwate
Education and employment
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Yuuki Konno (金野 裕希 Konno Yuuki, born May 17, 1994) is a Japanese Wikimedian.

Early life[edit]

Konno was born at Fukuoka Hospital (now Ninohe Hospital) in Ninohe, Iwate, and raised in Esashi (now part of Ōshū). She is the daughter of Yuuko Konno (née Juumonji) (b. 1959 in Karumai) and Kouji Konno (b. 1960 in Daitō). Her mother was a nurse and her father was a labor union activist. Konno has an older brother, Songsknow.

Konno was interested in computers at the age of two when she received a Panasonic U1-PRO FW-U1P609 word processor and a Fujitsu FMV-DESKPOWER MV205 FMVM52053 computer. She was also interested in kanji through her word processor's input method and became hyperlexic, and read through the Dai Kan-Wa Jiten.

Konno started her career at the age of nine as an Internet troll on THEBBS (ザ掲示板 The Keijiban), a Japanese textboard similar to 2ch or 4chan, with the pseudonym of Aku no Zurihaki (悪のずりはき, lit. Zurihaki of Evil, where Zurihaki is a randomly typed string that has no meaning).[1] Interested in computer security, she learned HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and created a security website and a browser exploit.[2] Later she renamed herself to seizan★, and at the age of ten, Konno got a lot of attention in Virtual Farm (バーチャル農場 Virtual Noujou), a browser-based farming game operated by RCC Broadcasting, by lying that her in-game money was stolen by another player. As a result, Konno was called "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" (狼少年 Ookami Shounen).[3] Also she found a cross-site scripting vulnerability on the game's site and spread an XSS worm.


The login screen of Monachat

At the age of eleven, Konno began studying the hacking of Monachat (もなちゃと Monachato), a Flash-based 2D chat room where users can interact with each other via 2ch ASCII art avatars such as Mona. She called herself Urawaza no Teiou (裏技の帝王, lit. King of Tricks). At the same time, Konno was addicted to Netmarble Japan's multiplayer online racing game Cartoon Racer (カートゥーンレーサー). A stranger named Hamakuru suddenly gave her his account, and Konno used his name for a while.[4] Eventually she was caught cheating and banned.[5] Konno dropped out of Iwayadō Elementary School in the fifth grade.

On July 2007, at the age of thirteen, Konno met Linux User, a hacker who is known as the father of modern Monachat hacking, and was taught Perl and Debian GNU/Linux by him. On September 15, 2007, Konno became popular across Monachat by the name of Momakuru (もま☆くる), when she caused the Momakuru Outbreak Incident (もま☆くる大量発生事件 Momakuru tairyou hassei jiken).[6] Along with Linux User, she is now widely considered one of the greatest hackers in Monachat history.


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