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I have the same user name on wikipedia, Zarbon. I am a resident of New York. At the time being, I am 23 years old. I have a forum which you can join called Frieza Force. Anyone interested in villains and their henchmen will most definitely love this forum. The concentration of my forum is Frieza and his awesome henchmen as well as many other villains from other shows, and numerous character profiles.

My favorite characters consist entirely of villains and victims. Zarbon is my ultimate favorite character of all time from Dragonball Z, and from everything else in the universe for that matter. My favorite character from The Sopranos is and always will be Brendan Filone. He was a major character in the first season of The Sopranos. Other alltime favorites included are from Oz, The Shield and various other shows. Ronald Barlog is my favorite character from Oz and Margos Dezerian is my favorite character from The Shield. I do indeed have a long list of favorite characters.

Here is a listing of my most favorite characters:

Favorite Characters[edit]

1. Zarbon (Dragonball Z)

2. Dodoria (Dragonball Z)

3. Cui (Dragonball Z)

4. Brendan Filone (The Sopranos)

5. Matthew Bevilaqua (The Sopranos)

6. Sean Gismonte (The Sopranos)

I have hundreds of other favorite characters which are available for viewing on my wikipedia user page.

Favorite Wikipedia Links[edit]