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Server load indicator[edit]

Some people don't need their information at a certain time, they could hold off untill a non-peak time, and would gladly wait to allow other people to get their vital information.


I don't actually like the ideas of tolls, however, Having user statistics telling the user how many pages vis user account has pulled up, and how much it cost to serve that, could make a few people understand the costs of running a large project like this one.

You have searched 20 times durring peak hours (estimated bandwidth and hardware cost %1.00) You have accessed 50 pages...

Public User Statistics[edit]

(embarass the person into paying)

Developers or other people might be able to moderate articles as being usefull, which would offset server costs in the calculation... so maybe a prolific article writer could have a "this person contributed +10,000 dollars to this site"

and joe arsehole downloader of dbdumps every day just because he can, could have a "this person used 10,000 dollars of resources"

High quality articles are not cheap to produce, and they are not cheep to serve.

External Links[edit] -- compel people to pay what they owe by letting them know what they used