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Recently I invested some work in a mediawiki extension called DynamicPageList.

This can now be found on metawiki; and beyond that there is a separate homepage for DPL where you can see it live.

Algorithmix 14:29, 15 February 2007 (UTC)

re: DPLforum[edit]

Hi Gero, and thanks for the interest in my forum. Given the status of the 2.0 branch, I can see how integration into a more generic format would be straightforward. However, I have recently been working steadily on version 3.0 (example here), which divorces itself from a lot of the original DPL's trappings, and uses a substantially different SQL query syntax. At this point, I view DPL2 and DPLforum as two different evolutionary branches, and I doubt they'd be able to successfully interbreed. Still, if you'd like to try to incorporate the new version's functionality, it's under GPL, and I wish you luck. --Algorithm 19:55, 5 May 2007 (UTC)