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Unintended consequences[edit]

Carcharoth -- A friend gave me a newspaper clipping, and the headline was "Beware the shortsighted quick fix that can lead to worse problems."

Illustration from the story of The Cat and the Bell -- Francis Barlow, 1687

Among many other lessons learned the hard way is this:

"The close-at-hand problem is always the one [which] must [be] taken care of before anything else, but the solution should include what you are committing yourself to over the long haul.

"It is altogether too easy to let the burden of the immediate problem obliterate other considerations from your thinking and to jump at what promises to be a quick fix. What often happens is that you have not achieved a long-range success but only converted one difficulty into another perhaps less obvious but no less onerous one." -- Robert Byrne. "Pastimes; Chess," New York Times. December 24, 1989.

The implications are a bit more expansive than suggested by a corollary in Tolkein's The Return of the King:

"Many folk like to know beforehand what is to be set on the table." --Tenmei 15:34, 15 March 2010 (UTC)Reply

Permanent lack of access to accounts on Wikipedia[edit]

Hello! Just an FYI, I have logged out of Wikipedia permanently and disabled my email after throwing out my password which can be confirmed per this. I have not only disabled it from Wikipedia, Wikia, and here, I also deactivated it from Yahoo to be sure that I can never re-log into Wikipedia under my old username. I now have no email associated with any Wiki on which anyone can send me any passwords. Moreover, the only IP that should actually ever show up as associated with my abandoned account should show no edits since April 2010 and no checkuser should find any other accounts on that IP. Accordingly, I have no interest at this time in creating any new accounts on Wikipedia, and doubt I will again and certainly not any time soon. I have in the meantime blocked the various named accounts on another Wiki that I strongly suspect were behind the various IP and attack-only accounts on various Wikia sites I edit and have deleted all of their vandalism that I discovered. Some might pretend that they have no edits on these sites, when in reality anyone can check the deletion logs at the Annex and List Wiki among others that I have deleted perhaps dozens of vandalism and attack edits by sock IPs obviously belonging to certain people from Wikipedia. Moreover, I have only blocked accounts that would never in anyone's reasonable expectations come to these sites to contribute as their history at Wikipedia is extreme deltionism only. Anyway, if I ever make IP edits whereever I happen to be, they will be only of the type that only people mentally ill would take issue with, i.e. those fixated on me who have followed me off site to Wikia, Wikipedia Review, and my now deactivated emails. There is thus no purpose in keeping my account's talk page as anything but a redirect on Wikipedia, as I have no plans to ever check it again. Moreover, I have no desire to ever again read admin boards, RfCs, ArbComs, etc. If I read anything, it will only be articles I am transwikiying. I thus expect that no serious editors will waste time talking about me and certainly none would care about month old IP edits or the like. I will never allow a moment of my time to be wasted playing games with those off to fly the deletionist flag or who comment on other editors' genitals ([1], [2], etc.). Anyway, just wanted to let someone know as I cannot send emails and I really do not want to post anything on Wikipedia or Wikipedia Review. Plus, I really cannot see why I would need to return here either. So, I guess that is goodbye. The past few months have been overall remarkably less stressful, my and my pets' health has improved. Work is going well enough and so on. I have nothing to really feel bad about anymore. So, take care! Sincerely, --A Nobody 03:11, 18 May 2010 (UTC)Reply

A note[edit]

I just noticed some comments directed to you, and I find it amusing that you thought I was incivil to people. I think in comparison to the way those people have talked to you, I think I was more like a declawed kitten. :) By the way - "To me, restraint is part of being civil." - I think restraint is part of being logical. The more subtle jabs are the deadliest after all. :) By the way, I did a lot more article editing than the others per how much time I had to edit, and yet my article percentage was frighteningly low. :) Ottava Rima (talk) 16:46, 15 November 2011 (UTC)Reply