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nometa,nowiki=without Wikipedia, Meta media, or Meta-Wiki, but we already have it Wiki=Meta-Wiki

English = My Spoken Language and in which I Believe and pronounce words out of my own mouth under my control.

English version of my beliefs or as far as I can describe so far on my own thinking process or capacity of my own "Human Being" "Brain" is this :

Jesus could have been crusified, or "Stapled to a Wooden Cross", in his day and age because others didn't believe in his non-religious Fundamentalism in which the world he was living in. He could have already been born into a world of Religion without knowing what it was in the first place, and his philosophy was changing the world, into a greater place than which he saw with his own eyes. We live in a great day and age today but never ruled out the possibility that Jesus could have been non-religious to begin with; And for that Other "Human Beings" could have called him "Crazy" or "Out of his mind" because he couldn't control himself in what he believed, so he sacrificed himself for all his sins and he came back with religious beliefs but only because religion was there to begin with.

Jesus was trying Verbs before people even knew what a verb was, and how to make that verb into a superlative verb, he thought of himself greater than others but they were all equals, they just didn't see his points of view through his own beliefs; and now we have a religion based on Jesus Dieing for his sins, What were his sins? Being crazy? Being Out of his mind? Those terms weren't even thought up of back then, they were thought of as treason of a fee-off with free energy to do so in his own ability to do the "Wonders" that he did with the knowledge that he created with his own "Human Brain". People are dieing now due to cancer, Cancer isn't a sin, it's a disease of brain cells dieing, from not being in the process of working enough with the body, or to thinking to much and causing irregular growth patterns which can't be controlled because no "Human Being" knows how to control a brain other than their own.

Jesus Controlled his own "Human Brain" and he made "Wonders" out of what he was thinking and processing, he was thinking like a computer playing a chess game but with religion involved. If their was no religion, would we have cancers today? Machines do most of the labor today in our world and life, we study on how those machines work, not on how to make more compact, complicated, fancy, self-efficient machines, or at least I have not found a way to do so yet, but I am making the same implications that there could be life on other planets, Human Being life, if we had the technology to put us there; We have technology here today to even begin with, but everything costs a value; Jesus didn't have money or value it.

Every "Personality" of a human being is different, but aren't we all Thinking alike today? We work, we eat, we sleep. But do we Philosophisize?(The action of Philosophy), every human being is capable of doing so, but they don't think about it, or anything other than whats in front of them.

We were born into a world with technology, but how did this technology get here so quickly?

If "Jesus" were here today, would he be the next propulsion scientist to discover how to get to Mars and make it a Habitable place faster than our leading profession Scientists today? I Believe he would if he took the educational classes; But Jesus didn't believe in value of money, Schooling costs money today, Money that you make from labor of working.

Money has to pay bills, for what we Eat, Sleep on, and Live in.

What if Money was there to pay for our schools already? We would all be Propulsion scientists like Jesus thought about or even "philosophosized" about. What if We Made corporations out of what we learned in school, Noone would be in debt because there would be so many organizations to help eachother through loans and labor to earn the money to pay off those loans of units of currency.

Jesus was a believer, not a prophet, and that's where my fundaments in learning come from(In believing in a possibility or variable of past times to create the future of my own path without strings[or Money]to keep me afloat), or the basics, to learn far greater things than what we know and wish to know today.

Start with him and you'll end up somewhere, and we have religion today because of him. But Did Jesus really die for his "sins"? did he Kill anybody? did he Destroy any property? did he steal anything? As far as I can Believe, I really don't think so. The only thing he did was speak what he believed what right in his own mind, not anybody else's, which could have made him a "Liar" or one that doesn't speak "Truth" in his day and age.

Science + Non-Religious Fundamentals = Advancements & Evolutions of our minds and expanding the limits and Imaginations of those minds.

"Digitally and Virtually through his mind, Signed by Michael Louis Hayes"

I Literally just signed that now, don't kill or contain me if i just love life


I Believe if we forget about war and combine politics we can push forward through the loophole that we seem to be going in, there's no war without effort to get to that war, How did you get effort in the first place without advancing evolutions of each race of our species? Greed of what was shinier or prettier to to one species, without greed we have the love for what we're living in, and respect each other being in one atmosphere.

I believe it only matters if we work and help each other person to push forward in knowledge and believing in what they can accomplish with their goals or go beyond and keep sailing sky high(as a metaphor).

--Fallek 22:42, 16 January 2010 (UTC)Michael Louis Hayes, or my real Belief of what a Native name is, A Label.

Are we Humans Being Brains or are we Labeled Humans with Brains as a "Human Being" (I thought I comes before E unless after C, but A Being is a vessel acting how it's Brain works)?

This is my old and complicated belief on what a big ban theory is, which i testing with the clapping of both of my hands in an action i processed through my mind and communicated through myself on how to do that and control it or correct it;

This is what it lead me to believe in the first place and i almost went completely insane until I could control myself without having others control me in my own beliefs:

Sound = Hearing; Hearing = Listening; Listening = Understanding; Understanding = Comprehension; Comprehension = Understanding Life &

Technology;Communicating = Understanding each other Human Being or Alien Being or Natural Being; Understanding = Listening, Turning that into data that you can understand in your thoughts or brainwaves on a different hearing or listening

frequency, and corresponding to it in a language that you can understand and teach or educate others academically.

Property Law Exists with Information that we can Understand and Comprehend through the data that were are receiving when we are

listening to what we hear and converting that into what we can understand and comprehend through communication.

And with Reverse Engineering, We can Reverse the Data that we are listening to; and come up with a different meaning or understand &

comprehension of what we're listening to or talking about through communication.

to Resume = an Understanding or Comprehension of a Goal in what we're actually seeing & believing and turning that into what we're going to be doing with whoever reads or understands the resuming of something to begin with.

Sound and data is what we hear and correspond to through the brainwaves on the frequency that they travel.

A code is Language, A language is sound, a sound is communication, communication is connecting, connecting is understanding each other in the same code or language.

Seeing and Believing are not the same, To Believe something you must have knowledge of how something must work in order for it to be there, Seeing it just puts the image in front of you.

Thinking on a brainwave is smarter and faster than thinking on a code or language but less convenient if it were possible to be reading everyone's minds.

Receiving information and Sending that information is communication through data and code or language.

"What is a Byte" "What is a Speed" "What is a Data" "What is an Understanding?" "What is Comprehending what we Understand?" "What are we doing when asking questions and finding or Listening to answers?"

"Time Travel is Possible through the speed of Information and reversing that information into information that we can understand through a language that we hear or see or create."

"Thinking at the speed of a processor is thinking at the speed of data. which is just like typing over the internet, or reading over the internet; But a Processor does alot more than just read the words, it puts images to the words and sounds to the words to correspond to what is happening around you and makes a reaction to the action of natural property. "

"Understanding actions and reactions is Comprehending what we see and hear and reacting as a process in what Hearing and seeing is being, which is communicated through brainwaves on what they're corresponding to, I am not a biologist so I digress that I know much further than this on a biological scale other than we breathe in Oxygen, we digest protein, and that keeps us alive, Oxygen is our fuel for our hearts to pump, which are acting with our brains to create a reaction, or action"

"A Computer is just a processor; if a computer is just a processor, aren't are brains as fast or faster than computers at the frequency of understanding?" "A Computer is just a processor; if a computer is just a processor, aren't our brains as fast or faster than computers at the frequency of understanding?"

"A quote is something we listen to, remember and can reproduce by remembering." "If we can understand a quote, we can remember what someone or another human being is realising, hearing, seeing, or Believing" "Realising is believing what you see in a reality and turning that into a code, conversation or language into a metaphor or language that you know with a friend, or another human being, or Alien & Natural Being to Understand and Comprehend what you're trying to say."

"Reverse engineer a code, and you can understand and comprehend what that code or language means." "Engineering is creating, If you reverse engineer, you reverse create, and if you reverse create you can reverse the way you think on a

brainwave, or understanding & comprehension as far as what you see and hear and believe. "If we can understand what we're trying to say and mean out of our own mouths, how is it hard to believe, understand or comprehend what we're saying hearing or believing in a language we can understand?" "If none of this made sense I wouldn't be here Typing in the room that i am in on a computer and keyboard that i know in a language that i can understand in the (First Place)"

"If Wikipedia didn't make any sense, how would I understand how to read it reverse it and put it in my own words Language or Code other than through the freedom of choice and understanding & comprehending what I am believing that I am seeing or using a METAPHOR to describe it in which I act out to."