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Problems with Cache[edit]

i installed your version on my mediawiki 1.4.5. (unfortunatly on win2k-server ;), php5 (iconv, mbstring, zlib), zend-optimizer, and mysql4.0.

Its working fine, but the page gets only really reloaded (with new rss-content) after i edited&saved the article. Do you have an idea how to disable the server-cache (server! its not the client) on the site where the rss-script is working?

Vali, 2005-06-16 09:18 (CET)

MattisManzel 14:39, 7 April 2009 (UTC):Reply
I wonder if there is a list of Mediawikis somewhere having the rss extention installed. I have nice results when using it on socialbar.de-wiki - carrotmob-wiki for example and I'd like to try more.