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To complete this tutorial you will:

  • complete the compulsory units.
  • participate in a GOCE backlog elimination drive.
  • participate in a peer review process.
  • tag articles with stylistic issues.
  • rank a number of articles at level B.
  • help promote three articles/lists to good standing.
  • help promote one article to featured level.
  • copy-edit 100,000 words.
  • pass the final test.

Intialy the new Copy Editors may not be competent to work. Candidate may do more harm than good. Acoordingly assignments will begin with drills in a controlled environment. Next they will proceed to the tag problematic issues (diagnostic). After tagging 30 articles he will be asked to review C level articles in a selected project and find some which are ready to be promoted to grade B. Finding one is an assignment. Once a diagnostic competence is demonstrated the copy editor will be asked to participate in Copy editing work. Fixing 10 articles to level B is the next mission. Once 10 articles have aproved by GOCE training will commence for promotion of articls to GA level. To get more experience the user will be asked to join Backlog elimination drives. Once the drive is over and 3 articles have aproved by GOCE training will commence for promotion of FA level. With promotion of an article to FA level the final test/assignment may be taken.