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Hi, I want to know where I stand with wiki. My name is Sal Trapani. I forgot the login i was given the other day, where I had something I think called template access. I thought that was a prestiguous title, I could be wrong. Anyway, please tell me exactly where wiki stands with me. Did you invite me, or was it a third party who did. If you did invite me, I accpet that you are not perfect, as I have been reading. Neither am I. I feel more human alongside Wiki. However, if you do not intend to bestow upon me the same status as before, where I forgot, then sorry, that is wrong. I have suffered an injury that makes memory difficult. You shouldnt take advantage of that, or of me. Please either grant this screenname full and total privileges, or explain in full. Please write at this time to

I forgot the password to my secure hushmail account, but am planning to get a fingerprint reader so it is all easier.


Sal Trapani

7/22/2010, that paragraph was on enough to give my thoughts. It isnt't necessary to be an embedded item to cause grief.

I would like to say that I am pleased that I learned some about wiki. Although, so much of it to learn. I avoided my free cams tonight, although there are some talented women there who would play fun. If anyone takes the time to look how I go to different sites, um, that is a waste.

Excuse me for a moment, while I manage chaos, ehhh, c'mon, while I do like webcam sites, may I expressly say, that if I ever write to journalists, or that they allow me in the future a privilege of being a producer, that I would not find a journalist to be the same. I wanted to distinctly clear that up, as someone who I have learned from, has decided to no longer continue broadcasting. However, that does not mean her plans are limited in any way. She is a talented woman. I personally would love to have her as a mentor.

I am leaving open to META-WIKI the opportunity to welcome with honors and cheer, if you have people who are silver tongued and prepared to offer some measure of contribution and/or pride in furthering this global tool/resource, even though it may not yet be perfect. I wont say who she is, I will leave you to wonder. I think you know me, and I think you know who it may be.

I would not know how to approach her. Although it would please me if Wikimedia sent her a dozen roses, friendship roses in my name.

Furthermore, what sounds you may hear in my room, give me a break if you turn on my audio. It doesnt mean anything. If I want I can fart, I can sneeze, I can even take care of private mens health activity. In my world, I say there is a million ways to kill me. And, a million ways to to find a way back up. Its not the time now. But, I am not going to live my life afraid of society. I am not homosexual, but what I do in my bedroom is not table talk for anyone.

Please know that there are other factors affecting my influence. First, I was a drunk many years ago. And because of that, people in bars may be talking garbage, that can lead to complications and say they heard it from me. NO!. I am not saying a word about what I talked in bars back then. There are reasons. If you are wise enough, you can understand.

I admit that I wanted to build rapport among nations. However, I and probably no one country can control things of immense variability. My thoughts were simply that it may be possible to influence. Chance and coincidence are not uncommon. But, I am not getting into all that. To some, my artwork may have looked real. However, even if it was, I and no one else should be claiming one thing or another. It could have been numerous things, and it could have simply been nature. I trust my government. It should be known that as we move forward, we, as a global resource, should be keen on any indications or innuendo that seems to slight or suggest that the United States acted unscrupulously in recent events. For an adversary nation, that would be easy propaganda.

I have been brief. I have not given you cause to rehash an issue. Nor, do I think anything I do or could have done had any effect on my friend leaving her post. I dont know what it's about, and won't speculate.

I am not sure if I like this name for a log in here.

Also, please explain what template post is? I want to express a concern as we move forward, that wiki sounds like wiccan, and to engage in surrounding ourselves with too much religious sounding words, may not help up with Religion. For example, do you recall how it seemed people just got angrier because the President called some people in his administration czars? Similar to that. But, I am not going to steer this ship. I am along for the ride and you call call me chaos management.

However, my opinion is that there is good chaos and bad.