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Your block on hr.wikipedia[edit]

From what I see, you were rather abruptly blocked for three months by an administrator who considered you were violating previous warnings. To my mind, this may have been excessive, a first block for three months is probably extreme, a day would seem more appropriate, so that you can see and understand the seriousness of the issues.

However, you were unblocked by this administrator for three days to allow presentation of an appeal. This followed an earlier attempt by an admin to unblock you, with the original blocking administrator wheel-warring to maintain the block.

On the one hand, if I were involved with this wiki, I'd be seriously concerned about an administrator who reblocks after another admin has unblocked. In the other direction, the admin did eventually unblock, himself. You requested review. Unfortunately, you did so by editing a page which was soon moved to an archive (very questionable practice, because your edits were then removed from view of admin watchlists of those watching the page you edited, and this may have delayed some comments.) However, the discussion was replaced on the admin notice page.

It is still there, permanent link.

There was a comment from the admin Flopy, and a user Sokak121, which was struck by Jure Grm, who then closed with a contrary conclusion. Jure Grm made a pure "wikilawyering" objection to the comments and struck them as untimely. (A "requirement" for comment within a fixed period of time is not a disallowance of later comment, contrary to what Jure Grm claimed, only comment after close is discouraged, which is not what happened. Jure Grm's close was more hostile than any of the other comments, so the neutrality of Jure Grm would be questionable to me.... But this user is an administrator.

You have a problem on hr.wikipedia, for sure. If you want to address it, it will be difficult, but not impossible. Do not create sock puppets to do this, and don't edit by IP. Instead, get help. If you ask me, I can help you, though only a little. I can forward a request from you to an administrator on hr.wikipedia whom I think might be sympathetic, and who can then carry the matter forward if he chooses. I do notice that some effort was made on hr.wikipedia. And see this.

There are many possible mistakes a new user in your position might make. I will say that one you made was in attacking the blocking administrators as abusive. That creates conflict, and some -- especially other administrators -- will defend administrators no matter what. The second was in filing a long request. That irritates all involved, including those who might otherwise be your friends.

However, a block that is not indefinite, with talk page access disallowed, is quite unusual, that should not normally be done. The talk page should normally be open for negotiation of unblock conditions. If a community, from repeated failure, is convinced that a user cannot cooperate, that the problem is permanent, then, sure, shutting off the talk page makes sense, but also one would then indef block.

I recommend that you make sure that you have calmed down, and try to understand why you were blocked in the first place. Focusing on what may be wrong with the block almost never works. Once you do understand the reasons for the block, i.e., what might possibly be right, or at least a legitimate concern, on the part of those who supported your block, you may then consider your next steps. You can ask for help here, on my Talk page, I may be able to assist, but, please understand, I'm just a user, not an administrator here or anywhere except my home wiki, and I'm even banned on en.wikipedia. Long story! Not for here! --Abd 20:46, 21 August 2011 (UTC)

Re: What's going on with the RFC Cases[edit]

You can close them, if they are dead for a long time. --DS-fax 12:38, 13 January 2012 (UTC)

Kako ide[edit]

i kako ide..... Znaš na početku sam mislio da si Pax pošto je suradnik:Rastko povrđeni sockpuppet Paxa, ali pošto si se ovde javio mislim da je to nemoguće jer bi on znao da se na Meta-Wiki ne može baš ništa rešiti. Ako ne veruješ u to pogledaj historiju mojih promena ovde, nađi veliku svađu po pitanju hr wiki i njen rezultat....

ps. bolje da mi ostaviš poruku na sh wiki....--Rjecina2 (talk) 15:01, 22 February 2012 (UTC)