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Swatjester's Talk Page Rules:
  1. Before leaving any messages pertaining to help on a certain subject, check to see if the question is answered here before leaving a message on this talk page!
  2. To start a new message, click the + mark by the "edit this page" tab. Enter your subject, message, and sign your name (see rule seven if you don't know how to sign your name).
  3. If I begin a topic on your talk page, I will respond on your talk page.
  4. If you begin a topic on my talk page, I will respond on my talk page.
  5. I may deviate from that if I choose.
  6. As always, please adhere to civility rules and no personal attacks rules.
  7. ALWAYS sign with ~~~~ four tildes, or your message will be deleted.
  8. I have the right to delete inappropriate messages!
  9. This is my volunteer account. Official correspondence from the Wikimedia Foundation can be found from User:Drosenthal or by email at drosenthal at wikimedia dot org.
  10. Formatting on this page and its transcluded parent courtesy of Miranda
--- Swatjester
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This is the talk page for User:Swatjester -- my volunteer account on WMF projects. For official WMF edits, see my staff account