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Due to cheating that may be underway during the International logo vote, your votes might not be counted unless you link your user page here to your user page at another Wikipedia. This can be done using the syntax:

Thank you for you co-operation. { MB | マイカル } 18:48, 2 Sep 2003 (UTC)

Kiki designs[edit]

Hope you'll visit Wikijunior project Nikki/Kiki character designs to discuss who's design is best. I've found a dozen talented people to create designs. -- user:zanimum


The deadline for using our US$10000 grant from the Beck Foundation, for publishing a Wikijunior book is December. Thus, we need to narrow the competition for Kiki artist down to as few contestants as possible. I'm asking you and anyone that's already discussed current designs to list their three least favourite creations, as votes for elimination. -- user:zanimum