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Hello. I am blocked from Wikipedia, and I am extremely frustrated with the unblock request, so do not expect to see me on Wikipedia for a long time (maybe a year or two).

But this is not the end. I am still on wikiHow. Follow this link.

About me[edit]

Hi. I am blocked from EN Wikipedia.

I will probably edit here because giving how-tos is the one thing I am good at and will request an unblock later on in February.

I started Wikipedia in August 2015, and was soon making lots of behind the scenes edits (while making a few mistakes along the way).

In March 2016, an administrator saw that I broke a template. So I asked why did he revert me, and he told me to "stop f******* around" or I would get blocked from editing. From there, things quickly went downhill. Another administrator put a warning template on my talk page, so I just continued making my edits. Then, when I "vandalized" some message with replacing a part of the message with different wording, another administrator decided to "pull the plug" and blocked me for 72 hours.

While blocked, I asked the blocking admin to extend my block, and he did. Later, I went to Uncyclopedia on Wikia, and the admins were hard: They blocked me indefinitely after about a week of "bad faith" editing - I did not know how to be funny and not just stupid, and the admin just saw my disruption on Wikipedia, so he just blocked me. I started a user subpage draft, and the admin thought about my "bad faith" review, and he just locked the doors from there.

I then just moved to testing on a test wiki. I made whatever I wanted, and still could detect vandalism.

When I returned to Wikipedia, I left a message letting him know I learned my lesson and just want to make Wikipedia a better place. But my first mistake since my block - editing someone else's userpage - and my last mistake - misusing Wikipedia as a webhost - prompted a self-requested indefblock. Then I asked the blocking admin to delete all of my userpages on my talk page. This prompted the revoking of talk page access because he says that I'm "certainly not doing a good job of staying away from Wikipedia", and I struck a deal with him, so now I have talk page access, and have all my userpages deleted. That was the last thing I asked from him.

I joined wikiHow two months after my block (October 2017) and planned to turn my behavior around here. My idea was that if I am blocked indefinitely on Wikipedia, the only way I can maybe get unblocked is to turn my behavior around here. Anna and Chris gave me a heads up that if I was going to make proposals to make wikiHow more like Wikipedia (or any other wiki), then they were going to not accept it, and that I may be blocked again if I am persistent.

When I hopped onto meta to change my status to offline, I noticed some vandalism, and reverted it, then requested semiprotection of my user page from an admin. My userpage is now semiprotected forever.

I have officially started the unblock process on Wikipedia. Hopefully I will make constructive edits soon. I am taking a break from all Wikimedia projects Wikipedia. I will come back either late 2018 early 2019, or late 2019 early 2020.

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Why can I not change my username when blocked on any Wikimedia project? Ups and Downs () 04:51, 1 March 2018 (UTC)