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Just add # {{target |page = User talk:Your username |site =}} at the end of the list.
As an alternative, use # {{#target:User talk:Your username}} if you want it to be delivered at your talk page here on Meta.
Prior issues of the newsletter can be found here on MetaWiki and on English Wikipedia. Updates are sent out once a month on average, and are written by User:Whatamidoing (WMF).
You can unsubscribe at any time by removing your name from this list. You can fix the target page for your wiki at VisualEditor/Newsletter/Wikis with VE instead.

  1. User talk:geopoet [at]
  2. User talk:Dartelaar [at]
  3. User talk:ANBI [at]
  4. User talk:Mondschein [at]
  5. User talk:Whatamidoing (WMF) [at]
  6. User talk:Dirk Franke (WMDE) [at]
  7. User talk:Lydia Pintscher (WMDE) [at]
  8. User talk:Geraki [at]
  9. User talk:Romaine [at]
  10. Discussion utilisateur:NemesisIII [at]
  11. Discussion utilisateur:Ltrlg [at]
  12. User talk:Saehrimnir [at]
  13. User talk:Hadi [at]
  14. User talk:संजीव कुमार [at]
  15. User talk:AKoval (WMF) [at]
  16. User talk:Ammartivari [at]
  17. User talk:Danmichaelo [at]
  18. User talk:Asger [at]
  19. User talk:Tar Lócesilion [at]
  20. User talk:Robby [at]
  21. User talk:Kurt_Jansson [at]
  22. באַניצער רעדן:פוילישער [at]
  23. User talk:FDMS4/newsletters [at]
  24. User talk:Cornelius Kibelka (WMDE) [at]
  25. User talk:Guycn2 [at]
  26. User talk:שמזן [at]
  27. User talk:Orikrin1998 [at]
  28. User talk:bachounda [at]
  29. User talk:LikeLifer [at]
  30. User talk:Vitorvicentevalente [at]
  31. User talk:Raymond [at]
  32. User talk:Well-Informed Optimist [at]
  33. Discussion utilisateur:Trizek [at]
  34. Discussion utilisateur:Ickx6 [at]
  35. User talk:Fúlvio [at]
  36. User talk:Naturehead [at]
  37. User talk:user670839245 [at]
  38. User talk:Gbeckmann [at]
  39. User talk:محمد شعیب [at]
  40. User talk:Mervat Salman [at]
  41. User talk:Grind24 [at]
  42. User talk:Elitre (WMF) [at]
  43. User talk:Elitre (WMF) [at]
  44. User talk:Elitre [at]
  45. User talk:Elitre [at]
  46. User talk:Kropotkine_113 [at]
  47. User talk:Jacopo Werther [at]
  48. User talk:Martin Mystère [at]
  49. User talk:Supermicio [at]
  50. User talk:piecon [at]
  51. User talk:Sbisolo [at]
  52. User talk:Lepido [at]
  53. User talk:SuperBowser [at]
  54. User talk:AndrewInter [at]
  55. User talk:JapanLove [at]
  56. User talk:ValterVB [at]
  57. User talk:Cruccone [at]
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  78. User talk:shangkuanlc [at]
  79. User talk:deniak974 [at]
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