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Complex and important issue[edit]

Thank you for writing this, a good description of some of the perspectives involved.

I grok the weight of these issues, regularly, both personally/abstractly (as I've been struggling with various aspects of using various Linux distributions as my only OS since ~2005), and also professionally (in many ways such as watching new volunteer developers struggle, but for one personal example, I've set up a full dev environment twice (with much assistance required) but it's far more complicated than I want/need (or can ever remember how to wrangle) just to contribute documentation tweaks and other simple changes).

(Tangentially, I tried to boil some similar thoughts down to a single very simple infographic, File:The source of many disagreements.png.)

For the specific example, the page Open source is closely related (and already links here).

There are also a few related tasks which might offer a middle-road solution (in chronological order):

  • phab:T37497 -- Implement a way to bring GitHub pull requests into gerrit
  • phab:T58046 -- Have the option of cloning things from github
  • phab:T173 ------ GitHub -> Differential bridge for new contributors
  • phab:T715 ------ GitHub -> Phabricator import system
  • phab:T112870 - GitHub -> Maniphest import system
  • phab:T114482 - [Task] Do a "clean up open pull requests on GitHub" day]]
  • phab:T116246 - Provide a Github-like web editor to make small edits to code

(Possibly some are duplicates, and possibly there are more that I missed whilst searching just now. Pinging AKlapper and Qgil in case you know of more, or can help organize these a bit better.)

Hope that helps, Quiddity (talk) 21:40, 27 February 2016 (UTC)[reply]