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Please keep this notice intact, and try to find consensus for changes as always. You are also encouraged to create forks if necessary, and link them from this page. The following is the publicly editable version of the Wikimedia Foundation Vision Statement.

The vision statement of the Wikimedia Foundation describes our dreams, hopes and ambitions; our most radical conception of our organization and community — 20, 50, 100 years from today.

A priest, a pastor, a rabbi, a guru, an imam, and representatives of all underrepresented faiths, walk into a bar. JK those things don't exist in 2115. They (except for the bar) are all called Interwiki Pilots now, guiding the Faithful through the 81,467,852,101 Multidimensional Real-Reality Pages (not counting stubs) on WikiHeaven.

On WikiEarth, Earthlings (there are no countries) are bored. Since most of us come pre-installed with WikiBrain, we already know everything, feel everything, smell everything - anything that anyone anywhere cares to share. So, meh.

We'd start wars, but over what? There are no possessions, everything is free, no injustices to get too mad about, no hunger (we just 3D-print the latest food fads from WikiKitchen). Even Edit Wars are Edit Bores. Dangit.

And what's the point of killing a jerk when all it's gotta do is Revert? What we need are Aliens.