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Url parameters[edit]

General parameters:

  • page - The page name
  • project - the project url [default is]
  • tpl - The template name
  • id - the template rank, if multiple per page [default is 1]
  • lang - Language of the system messages [default is en]

Classic usage options (tpl equals anything but motionchart):

  • ct - The chart type: pie, bar, column, lines, scatter, area, sparkline, geomap or intensitymap.
  • title - The chart title [default is the page name].
  • columns (integer) Number of data columns [default is the total number of columns]. Use this limit if the table has extra-columns.
  • height and width (integers) the chart size in px [defaults are 400 and 1000].
(all-option example)

Motion chart usage (tpl=motionchart):

  • x - the x axis title
  • y - the y axis title
  • group - the group title
(all-option example)

Web developer usage:

  • view - Add &view=chart or &view=js to the url to view the raw chart content. [default is view=html].
  • div - the chart division id [default is div=chart_div].