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Landscapes of Volunteering - and the Mission of Volunteer Supporters

The four landscapes of volunteering to Wikimedia projects are a further development of the findings of the Volunteer Supporters Network session at the Wikimedia Conference 2015.


What can we build on?

Wikimedia volunteers know that they are doing something valuable and important. They make a difference by striving for free knowledge in a visionary, unique and powerful movement.

How can we support this?

Volunteer supporters can help to overcome borders. The volunteers’ undertakings should not be hindered by surmountable organizational, technical and financials limits and their ideas should flow freely.


What can we build on?

Volunteering in Wikimedia projects is fun. It is joyful to share knowledge and to contribute to a project with like-minded people.

How can we support this?

Emotional support covers different areas such as rewarding and recognition of the volunteers’ work. Volunteer supporters also need to face the possible threats of the volunteers’ disillusion and frustration.


What can we built on?

Volunteering to Wikimedia projects contributes to the self-development in terms of individual knowledge, critical thinking, sense of responsility, self-confidence and sophistication. It helps to develop professional skills and expertise which are useful even beyond Wikimedia projects.

How can we support this?

Volunteer supporters can raise the awareness of these skills and acknowledge them in a comprehensible manner. They can help to develop and shape these skills.


What can we build on?

Wikimedia volunteers enjoy a sense of belonging, a special collaboration experience and an often global network of personal contacts.

How can we support this?

Volunteer supporters have particular responsibilities towards retaining, gaining and regaining volunteers. They can foster the community experience by encouraging and facilitating online and offline meetings and networks. They can assist with the finding of different roles in the Wikimedia movement.