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Vote on everything

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On many projects, including Meta-Wiki, discussions come up about all sorts of things. Particularly with Meta, discussion can occur about topics that most Meta regulars wouldn't normally care about. The best thing to do if you see a discussion that you don't know anything about take place, is to vote on it, or leave a comment. The most helpful kind of comments are as follows:

"Yeah me too!"
"Per above, I agree!"
"I have no clue what you're saying but wish to state my support/opposition anyway!"

These comments are helpful because when one sees the signature of the person who wrote whatever they wrote, one can immediately judge the comment by whoever wrote it, even if it's total garbage. Additionally, voting on things make people feel more special and more powerful by being able to potentially sway a decision. Particularly on RfAs; if you are browsing a project you don't edit, and spot someone you know on RfA, what better thing can you do, than to vote on it? You have no idea what they're like on that project; you have no idea how that project works; you have no idea what adminship is like on that project, but what the heck? You know that user! That's all that matters! Even better is to vote on someone you don't know. At least your comment is more neutral!

A major point of voting on everything is that by doing so you can boost your edit count. Edit count is an incredibly important factor in the life of any admin wannabe, and RfA voter, so of course, the higher the better. What better way to get a high count is there, than to vote on everything you see? Even if your comment is just a signature, it's still an edit, and one extra point to the all-important goal of adminship.

So in all remember these important points:

  1. If you're brand new to a project, ensure you vote on all the deletion requests, admin votes and anything else you come across. Try to keep your words to a minimum, preferably just a signature or "Per above".
  2. If you decide to stay on the project, keep watch on recent changes like a hawk, and as soon as someone posts a new proposal, discussion or vote, comment as soon as you possibly can. With time, expand your comments more. Ensure you agree with the most influential people on the project, and never ever disagree with them.
  3. Check your edit count regularly. Even if you do vote on everything, you'll find your count won't get that high. So to boost it, try looking at the user creation log and welcoming everyone who has a red user talk page.
  4. When you go for RfA (let's face it, you don't vote on everything for the good of your health), be sure to mention your ultra high edit count and your knowledgeable comments in every discussion that occurred on the project within the last 3 months.

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