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This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
Status of the proposal
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VotersWiki is a community wiki dedicated to helping voters in a democratic society understand their options on their ballots. Many voters are not aware of the resources available to evaluate public servants up for re-election and the numerous unsung candidates that would like to be considered on a "write-in" ballot. VotersWiki is designed to bring these resources together and help voters in a democratic society make more informed decisions that are driven more by their own ideals and values and less on political campaign techniques.

VotersWiki would be world wide and would have a page for each ballot in each national/state/county/etc. election. Obviously significant oversight resources would be needed to ensure the wiki is not biased towards any one political party, candidate, or view.

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Alternative names[edit]

WikiBallot, WikiVote

Related projects/proposals[edit]

WikiVote - however that proposal is designed to create ballots and allow users to vote, whereas VotersWiki provides supporting material to ballots that already exist.

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  1. miles_matthias
  2. CDefense7