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Wikidata Integrations Team

About the Team[edit]

Wikidata Integrations Team is a Wikimedia Deutschland team created to support collaboration between Wikidata and other Wikimedia projects. This means working on improvements that impact the editing processes that are powered by Wikidata.

The team's current roster comprises:

Want to work with us? We are currently hiring multiple Senior and Software Engineer roles for our team.

The creation of the team is a direct outcome of the realisation that WMDE needs dedicated resources to hone in on the potential opportunities of integrating Wikidata. The team will work closely with editors, volunteer developers, and other Wikimedia product teams to define our roadmap, initial projects and deliverables.

First Steps[edit]

The team will spend time listening and engaging with the community to better understand the issues in editor workflows when using Wikidata within another Wikimedia project. We want to develop solutions that have a big impact to those that need them.

15 Jan 24 – The team welcomes its Engineering Manager, Cynthia Makonyango. Cynthia's role is crucial for the future work of our team as she will:

  • assist in hiring Software Engineer
  • undertake feasability assessments for developmental tasks
  • oversee Rituals for Software Engineering team
  • liase closely with other team roles to ensure goals are aligned


Currently we are reaching out to community users from a variety of Wikimedia projects to gain high-level insights into how Wikidata is (or isn't) used within them. The timeline for these events have not been defined yet, so please watch this space!

Currently, we have 2 ways for you to contribute. Our Add Issue page where anyone can report. Did a previously functional Wikidata integration stop working? Let us know! We will follow-up for more details.

If you would like to participate in one of our research interviews, please click the button below. You will be directed to an external Survey wizard to collect some information about yourself and how we can contact you.

Write to us I want to be Interviewed

Events / Meetings[edit]

Past Events[edit]