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Wikimedia Deutschland - Gesellschaft zur Förderung Freien Wissens (WMDE, engl. Wikimedia Germany - Association for the promotion of free knowledge) is an independent membership-based association serving as a Wikimedia chapter. According to the charter, the purpose of the association is to support the creation, collection and distribution of Open Content in an altruistic way in order to support equal opportunity to access to knowledge and education. Founded on June 13, 2004 in Berlin, it was the first chapter to be created. Wikimedia Deutschland currently has about 50,000 members (as of March 2017). Jimmy Wales is an honorary member of the association.

Chapter information and reports[edit]

  • For the sake of brevity this table only lists years 2012 - 2017. For full lists see table notes or an overview of WMDE's activities that can be found on the chapter's official website (German). The annual reports are also available for download there.

Becoming a member[edit]

Any individual or organization can become a member of the association. Voting rights, however, are limited to individuals. To become a member, simply fill out and submit the online form.


In order to fund its activities, the association primarily relies on donations from the general public. Wikimedia Deutschland has been recognized as a charitable organization by the German authorities and is therefore exempt from most taxes. Donations to the association are tax-deductible in Germany.



from left: Daniel, Lukas, Harald, Sabria, Kilian, Marcus, Peter

The association's board consists of the President, two Vice Presidents, the Treasurer, up to three members at-large and can co-opt two additional members. The board is elected every two years at the general assembly. The following people are currently (elected in December 2018 for 1,5 years) serving on the board:

An overview over the historical development of the german Wikimedia board is to find here.

Executive Director[edit]


A complete list of all staff including part-time workers and assistants can be found on here in German and here in English.


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