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This page is the English version of Wikimedia Deutschland's Plan and Budget 2019. It includes the goals and objectives approved by WMDE's Supervisory Board and the Budget 2019, which was also fully approved by our general assembly on December 1, 2018.

Planning 2019 Goals & Indicators Budget 2019 Semiannual Report 2019

Our association promotes Free Knowledge in various ways. We support communities such as Wikipedia, we develop software for Wikimedia projects, and we want to improve the political and legal framework for Wikipedia and for Free Knowledge in general.

The How and the Why can be seen in our planning documentation below. On these pages we inform you about the starting points and our approach to planning 2019 and present the results.

The Starting Point: Fields of Action and Strategies[edit]

In order to put our planning on a better footing, at Wikimedia Germany this year we have been looking thoroughly at the future. In a participatory process we developed formats to deal with future topics in a structured way - not just this one time, but on a regular basis. In the course of this discussion we developed Strategies for Wikimedia Deutschlands three fields of action ‒ volunteers, technology and conditions for Free Knowledge. These strategies and the existing fields of action formed the basis of planning for 2019.

Fields of action and strategies, Wikimedia Deutschland
Fields of action and strategies, Wikimedia Deutschland

Impact-oriented Planning[edit]

In order to enable monitoring and evaluation of our strategies, Wikimedia Germany's planning follows an impact-oriented approach. The first step is to focus on the long-, medium- and short-term changes we want to achieve in the world. Only in the second step are possible approaches, measures and activities derived from this.

Our planning for 2019 was based on our strategies in the three fields of Volunteers, Technology and Conditions for Free Knowledge. Building on this, we have formulated six goals for the three fields of action. The goals are not limited to one year, but rather describe a long-term impact: how the world should change through our work. The subgoals, also at the level of impact over many years, break down the goals into partial aspects. This will make it possible to establish a clear link between our long-term goals and our operational work in 2019. We have defined the specific impacts we want to achieve in 2019 on each subgoal through objectives and indicators. Finally, the budget outlines the revenue and expenditures we expect for Wikimedia Deutschland and for the Wikimedia Fördergesellschaft in 2019. It was submitted to the 23rd General Meeting on 1 December 2018 and approved.

Visualization for planning 2019 at WMDE - methodical approach
Visualization for planning 2019 at WMDE - methodical approach