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Proposal for Wiki Loves Africa in 2015 Algerian WM UG team wikidz are happy to be part of wiki loves africa 2015 \o/

Wiki Loves Africa Logo

Wiki Loves Africa 2015 Algeria[edit]


traditional clothes; Mirror customs of Algerians, the traditional costume has preserved the traces of all civilizations which followed one another in the country. Although rural life is harsh and austere, the costume of the country people not lacking in finesse and creativity. As for the suit city, it is the fruit of the meeting of several cultures and civilizations.

with test participation last year in algeria without any promotion juste a banner on wikimedia project especially on wikipedia we have a good photo uploaded after filtering and control

we considering it is a good experience


in referring on the Wiki loves earth Algeria 2015 with campaign banner in WP arabic french appearing all the duration of the contest increased by the open ceremony and workshops with activity on social media wa can do that

this year with the beautiful Cultural Fashion and Adornment help to create a sum of article in different wikimedia projects on this below sheet

we hope to decrease the quantity of image deleted after contest by differents action video , workshop , and printing how to participate to contest and all we need to have the best photo uploaded

Contest Images Images used in the wikis Uploaders Uploaders registered after Contest
WLE 2015 2755 20 (1%) 334 312 (93%)
WLA 2000 30 300 300


we will focus our efforts in the region of oran Algeria in collaboration with collaboration of amateur photography association

  • organise ceremony open contest in collaboration with local associations (Sat 03 10)
  • organising presentation and workshops (Sat 17 10)
  • organise close ceremony (after result of the jurys )

in the both first meetings we'll be using the room of our partner

Désignation Detail Quantity Prix unitaire Total Taux 1,00 DZD = 0,00947559 USD
Expo photo Printing of 15 best photos Format A2 15,00 1000,00 15 000,00 142,13
Tee shirt with Logo Wiki Loves 20,00 1200,00 24 000,00 227,41
Flyers for the contest and how to participate 300,00 20,00 6 000,00 56,85
Beverage & biscuit & Water break for 3 MeetUp 3,00 3200,00 9 600,00 90,97
Connectivity Internet fees for 3 MeetUP 1,00 3000,00 3 000,00 28,43
Diplomas Print Diplomas for 10 best photo and for 5 jury 15,00 100,00 1500,00 14,21
Awards 1st 15000, 10000 2nd & 8000 3rd Prizes 1.00 1,00 28000,00 265,32
. . . Total 87100,00 825,32
  • This is just an estimate; modifications can be made WHILE the page is in draft mode we can also make changes