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WMCS Edits Dashboard Screenshot

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WMCS Edits Dashboard is a visualization tool that shows edits made to 870 Wikimedia wikis by tools or bots that leverages Wikimedia Cloud Services. Wikimedia Cloud Services (WMCS) is a computing ecosystem of tools, services, and support for technical collaborators who want to contribute to Wikimedia software projects.

This dashboard is for the Wikimedia community to learn how and where the WMCS infrastructure contributes to their projects, the use of bots and tools in their language wikis, the overall health of their wiki project, etc.

It is built using Dashiki, a dashboarding tool developed by the Wikimedia Analytics team.

Dashboard views

WMCS edits data is represented in three different formats on the dashboard. Note: The first month for which the data is available for view on the dashboard is October 2019.

Timeseries View

In the Timeseries view, the visualization depicts WMCS percentage of total edits made to Wikimedia wikis month by month on a time series graph format (see screenshot above). You can view the data for:

  • Top 20 wikis, selected by default. It includes the popular wikis, including Wikimedia Commons (commonswiki), Wikidata (wikidatawiki), English Wikipedia (enwiki), etc. It also consists of the total percentage of WMCS edits made to all Wikimedia wikis in a month (see data corresponding to label TOTAL). The data results you see in the popup dialog for 2019-12-01 corresponds to the entire month of December. For example, here is how to interpret one of the data points – for December, 9.6% of edits made to English Wikipedia came from WMCS.
  • One or all the wikis, by making the selection from the list of 870 Wikimedia wikis in the left column.

You can filter the data by date on this view.

Hierarchical View

Screenshot of hierarchical view on the WMCS Edits dashboard

In the Hierarchical view, the visualization shows WMCS edits data of Wikimedia wikis in a circular / pie chart graph format. By default, it shows last sixty months data. Here is how to interpret one of the data points for date range 2019-12-01–2020-03-01 – 74% of WMCS edits came to Wikidata (wikidatawiki) during this period (see screenshot on the right).

You can filter the data by date on this view.

Tabular View

In the Tabular view, both WMCS and non-WMCS edits data for all Wikimedia wikis is shown in a tabular format. On this view, you can:

  • Filter the data by date.
  • Hide or unhide columns:
    • wiki_db refers to the short name of a language wiki
    • wmcs_edits refers to the number of edits made by tools or bots leveraging WMCS to a language wiki
    • total_edits refers to total edits (WMCS & non-WMCS / bot & human edits) made to a language wiki
    • wmcs_percent refers to the WMCS edits percent (wmcs_edits / total_edits) for a language wiki
  • Download the data in the TSV format.

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