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Former Steering Committee[edit]

The following people contributed greatly to the organization of the chapter in 2008, setting up the website on Meta and writing the bylaws:

The committee is advised by Chapters Committee representative: TBD

Members may be added or removed from the Steering Committee by a decision of the current committee at a meeting.

Current steering committee[edit]

The following people are interested in carrying on where the previous steering committee left off. The next meeting will be held in Aug 2010.

To get involved as members but not directors[edit]

Full contact information is not required.

  1. Gerald A, Historybuff, IT

To get involved as members and directors[edit]

Full contact info is required including address, real name, and occupation.

Name User ID Occupation E-mail address Position
James Heilman Jmh649 (Doc James) Physician Acting President
Andrew Leung OhanaUnited Student
Owen O'Donovan Osod11
Jeffery Nichols Arctic.gnome MPA student
Alan Walker Software Consultant Acting Vice President
Zana Gordon Business Owner Acting Secretary
Ray Saintonge Eclecticology Retired Acting Treasurer
Linda Chew Auditor Accounting
Matthew J. Wilson mwilso24 Articing Student