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Wiktionary is an online dictionary and theausaurus offering free definitions and explainations of words in over 150 languages. As the other sister projects, Wiktionary is improved and updated by users. Created on March 12, 2002, the first Wiktionary in non-english Wiktionary were initiated on March 29, 2004 in both french and polish.

Wiktionary has many goal, even if the most important one is making a dictonary, wiktionaries used to provide more than simple définitions. On an entry you can find idioms, abbreviations, ethymologies of the word an even word translation into some other languages. As it's under a free licence, wiktionaries use to import old dictionaries who are in the Public Domain wich add the evolution of the meaning of a word through the years.

In november 2006 the Wiktionaries reached the gap of 150 000 entries in 171 different languages. Nowdays the english Wiktionary is the largest one with more than 350 000 entries, followed by the french one wich has more than 310 000 entries.

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