WMF Board Governance Committee 2014-2015/05-9-14

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BGC meeting September 5, 2014

  • Maria, Patricio, Phoebe, Gayle, Stephen

Board search[edit]

Gayle shared thoughts on the Board search:

  • Last time: We interviewed a lot of people we didn't need to. Cast too wide a net, and there were unclear responsibilities to narrow down the pool. Gayle did the initial screening interview.
  • Next time: BGC can do pair interviews, similar to the Transition Team. When it comes down to the final choice, more can interview.
  • This time: A lot of the documents are done. We have a draft job description. We need criteria grid, narrowing down the profile to three or four things we should evaluate (Such as: background, product experience, management experience).
  • We should have someone managing the intake. The Board search is different from the ED search. The Board search is less about applications, and more about contacts and referrals. We can work with Lisa Grossman (or similar firm) to manage the intake.
  • More follow up is necessary to do a global board search.
  • First step: cast a wide net.


  • Gayle: Set up initial conversation with recruiter about doing a triage and guide work for the Board search.
  • BGC: Review job description.
  • BGC: Finish the profile.
  • BGC: Setup a timeline
  • BGC: Decide an email address for the board search