WMF Board Governance Committee 2014-2015/28-8-14

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BGC meeting 28/8/14

  • Maria, Patricio, Phoebe, Stephen

Agenda items for the year[edit]

  • Board search: Finding three new board members for the board-appointed positions.
    • We want to try to find all 3, or at least: find the first member but have a shortlist we can use in 2015
    • but we also want to onboard each new member separately as they join
  • Onboarding process: Preparing material to introduce new board members to the culture and practices of the board (using IRC, the wiki, and how to interact with the community).
  • Elections committee: Starting the committee that will facilitate the election process in summer 2015.
  • Advisory group: Reviewing the role of the advisory group.


  • Board search:
    • First board member should ideally be available by December 2014/January 2015 -- the Jan/Feb meeting will be their first in-person meeting
    • Others are required by December 2015
  • Elections committee -- start in Jan, end before May
  • Work on advisory group -- starting in March 2015 / later