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Resolutions Organisation of Wikimania 2006
This proposal is regarded as inactive. It has not been voted on by the Board and is therefore not a resolution of the Wikimedia Foundation.
This proposal concerning Wikimania 2006 was created on 15 December 2005, but was never voted upon.

References :

  • Wikimania
  • Wikimania 2006 Requirements.doc (sent by email to board members)

Proposed by Anthere - 15 December 2005

State : discussion. Will be proposed to next board meeting

Object: Wikimania is a regular conference for users of the wiki projects operated by the Wikimedia Foundation. The first conference was held in Frankfurt, Germany, on August 4-8, 2005. This resolution outline the specifications of the second conference to be held in mid-2006.

Goals of the event

  • A primary goal is to promote the various Wikimedia projects and to help them improve their understanding of one another
  • Secondary goals : Promotion
  • 2006 specific goals : Contact with academics


  • summer time, mid July to mid august


  • Boston (USA)


  • 3 days general meeting
  • 2 hacking days, prior to main days


  • we expect 300-500 attendees
  • in majority Wikipedians from all over the world
  • plus speakers - which may or may not be Wikipedians, with a request for a majority of Wikipedians (70-80 % of speakers)
  • plus press (50-200) from all over the world
  • plus keynotes speakers (a couple)
  • plus sponsors (if interested to visit what they sponsor…)


  • we expect to be in the range 100 000 - 300 000 dollars in terms of total expenses. Maximum cost for Foundation must be below 40 000 dollars.

Specific requirements

  • (please add)


  • See Wikimania 2006 Requirements.doc

Board member delegated


  • Jimmy Wales:
  • Tim Shell:
  • Michaël Davis:
  • Angela Beesley:
  • Florence Devouard: