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This is a report of activities of Wiki Project Med Foundation for 2018. It is not a complete list of everything we have done this year but represents a highlight of our work. The compiling of this report — like much that we do — has been a group effort, and we encourage involvement by further individuals within the wider membership.



We continue to see a lot of activity via this partnership. Jenny has joined the board of Wiki Project Med Foundation.

Translation efforts[edit]

Due to issues with Content Translation version 1.0, translation efforts have slowed.

World Health Organization[edit]

WHO has moved to a CC BY SA NC license unfortunately. They have tentatively agreed to possibly release some material specifically so that IIAB can use it.

National Institutes of Health / Center for Disease Control[edit]

NNLM ran an Wikipedia Edit-a-thon in the spring focusing on improving rare diseases (dashboard). Another is going to be run in the fall focusing on women's health.

Blog posts about our collaboration with NIOSH


Wikipedia Editing Across Health Professional Schools
  • Tel Aviv University: Efforts at Sackler School of Medicine continued for the fifth year in the Israeli Med Program with 33 med students participating in the Wiki-Med elective course. In addition, a second WikiMed elective has opened for the first time in the American Med program at Sackler. The elective, which began in 2017, spreads over 2 year, with the hopes of students doing some related research in their second year of the elective. This elective is run with the support of WikiEd, and in collaboration with Dr. James Heilman, Dr. Amin Azzam and the ILAE (The International League Against Epilepsy).
  • UCSF: In collaboration with WikEdu Foundation we continue to support the medical electives at UCSF School of Medicine

Rotary club[edit]

We have begun working with [Rotary International]. This has included giving talks at local meetings in Cranbrook BC and providing IIAB for a project in Myanmar.


Collaborations with Osmosis ended in 2018 following concerns raised by a number of Wikipedians. These concerns include 1) that Osmosis is a commercial entity, 2) that the videos do not have inline references 3) that they contain a couple second logo at the beginning 4) that they are not easily collaboratively editable. While some of the issues can be easily addressed changing Osmosis to an NGO and making the videos easy to edit are not.




Content distribution[edit]

Medical apps[edit]

The Wiki Project Med/App currently exists in ten languages with a larger and smaller version avaliable in English. Efforts are ongoing to develop offline apps in more languages.


This year we launched a version specifically geared towards South Asia which generated some press within India.[1] A version was created in collaboration with Stanford for a specific project in Uganda.

At Wikimania 2018 in South Africa we donated devices in support of a number of partners including:

Devices have also been used in a number of project including Maluk Timor (July 2018).


We continue to generate stats around Wikipedia and medicine. This year the work has been mostly done by User:Edgars2007.

This includes the top editors to Wikipedia's medical content who were awarded barnstars to recognize their work.








Previous reports[edit]