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Welcome is the introduction to the Quarto. It is usually written by Sj, briefly covering what you may expect inside, any changes to the overall structure of the newsletter, and recognizing the many people who have contributed to the collaboration.

Founder/Letters contains public letters from Jimbo and from the Board. Quite naturally, the first is only written by Jimbo and the second by members of the Board of Wikimedia Foundation

Reports contains a report of Wikimedia Foundation activity. Here you will find reports from the various departments of the Foundation : Finance, Grants, Technical, Legal, etc. Most of the editors of this page are either board members, Wikimedians active in the subject area, officers, or other authors asked to report on a specific topic. If you wish to add something to this part of the Quarto, please check with Anthere or put your text on this draft page.

Projects is a free area, with reports by various people on various issues :-) For example, a report on Wikinews, or Wikicommons; a text on a new arbitration committee, a wikijunior publishing, a new grassroot initiative to develop a project, etc... Please feel free to add reports directly on the Quarto page. You may of course also add text here on the draft page, or in a separate article on Meta.

Interviews and other features : the first two Quartos had interviews with famous people (you can suggest subjects to be interviewed, and questions for the next Wikimedia interview, at WQ/Interviews). The 4th quarto will have a feature dedicated to Wikimania. Another feature will be a brief retrospective of the early years of Wikipedia.

(NB: Chapters reports sometimes go here, and sometimes on the Projects or Press pages, depending on where there is space. Feel free to add chapter reports here on the draft page, and we will see where best to put it.)

Press is a compendium of press content. Feel free to edit and complete this coverage directly on the page, including especially coverage in languages other than English; or link out to articles written elsewhere.

International usually contains reports of local wikimeets, or conferences, special events. Open to everyone! If you had a great presentation to some audience, or interview, please mention it, however briefly. You can always add fun pictures of other editors, for use here, as illustration somewhere in the Quarto, or (if they are really clever) in the picture gallery.

Endnotes contains a calendar of current and future events, a few closing words about the future, and inspiring images, quotes, or poetry; sometimes with final words from the editorial team. The gallery of images often goes here (this can also end up on one of the previous three pages). Feel free to suggest images on this Draft page, and to contribute calendar items directly to the Calendar page on Meta.