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As human societies have become more open through the intensified struggles for inclusion by various groups of formerly excluded constituencies (the largest of which is made up of women of differing classes, ages, sexual orientations, abilities, ethnicity, nationalities, and locations), so the struggle for the inclusion and need for own space has become significant.

WikiWomenCamp was commenced as an initiative for women (by gender or sex) to get together, learn from each other's experience in a women-only space which is usually referred to as a safe space. It gave them an opportunity to network with other women who can guide them or be their partners in common projects, and to discuss issues related to involvement, role, and status of women in the movement and to plan collaborative initiatives to improve the statistics. The changing scenarios and pace of movement advancement along with the little change in trends of women’s involvement in the movement altogether necessitated planning the next Women Camp.


WikiWomenCamp 2023 will be an attempt to gather again and review our past activities and brainstorm for future of women- their role and representation in the free knowledge movement. Following the discussions in 2020, with women wikimedians from different groups and affiliates (through survey), it will be organized in India in October 2023. The proposed conference is a three day women, by sex or gender, only wiki conference, facilitated using open-space in English.

The participants will get an opportunity to network with their peers in other countries or communities, and develop lasting relationships that allows international partnerships, that is otherwise extremely difficult because of cultural communication problems involving only online communication.

We believe that collaboration thrives on diversity. All open minded individuals are welcome to participate, whether by teaching, taking an active role in discussions, helping people to connect to those who can assist them, or sharing their stories.

WikiWomenCamp is what the participants make it, and we’ll work to make it enlightening, productive and fun!

The event will be open to all women involved with the Wikimedia movement, and involved with wikis in general including commercial, non-profit and educational wikis. The venue is yet to be finalized.

With respect to the A2K's Gender gap research it is found that these type of conferences will open a platform for understanding women's challenges, difficulties at their on-wiki & off-wiki spaces and opportunities in a Wiki ecosystem. This event is expected to help the unheard voices to make their works visible to the broader community space.