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By definition a webinar is a great way to communicate with your audience and keep them up-to-date on the latest information. By hosting a webinar, you can easily create an interactive experience for your participants, and keep them engaged throughout the event, and this way could increasing the number of joining people, because hosting one or a series of webinars is a great way to attract a wider audience and reach new people who are just starting to do research about what you do.

One of the biggest benefits of a webinar is that it enables you to reach out to many participants at once located anywhere in the world. There are no geographical barriers it is an online activities. Using Webinars is a good way to make more people to join and be aware on what is going on.

Webinars and Africa Environment Drive/ Wangari Maatai Day[edit]

Organizing one or more webinar in different stage of AED will be very important to success of the project. Many new participants will Join because the information about the contest will be easily freely accessible on the internet, Webinars is among different channel of communication that will be used to exchange information before, during, and after the AED period.

Dear Participants, be sure that you write/ improve content relate to the topic. This will help to ensure that quality contributions are made as part of the project.

The topics covered in this focus relate to the climates of Africa, and the impact of climate change and environmental issues or threats faced by countries and communities across Africa. Due to Africa’s historical landscape, for maximum impact the project will be bi-lingual : French and English. Kindly respect all this campaign rules.