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Event information

West Bengal Wikimedians User Group Online Meetup

  • When:  to
  • Location: Google Hangouts: join meeting
  • Who: West Bengal Wikimedians
  • URL: Etherpad
  • Agenda[edit]

    • Expected participants are requested to list agenda below-
      • Share your ongoing work or what you have done in last few weeks.
      • User group activity update in last few weeks.
      • Bengali Wikisource proofreading contest preparation.
      • Add agenda which you want to discuss.



    Date: 17.03.2019


    • Shuvendu
    • Jayanta Nath
    • Bodhisattwa
    • Rocky
    • Rajeeb
    • Ananya
    • Prachatos
    • Indrajit
    • Tanay (cant join somehow)

    Shuvendu: working on Lucknow metro, working on the templates.

    Jayanta Nath: Hasnabad and Falta deleted and restored.

    Shuvendu: I was new, didnt know that villages cannot be included in bnwp. Hasnabad was deleted as it was village. Defined census town.

    Jayanta: Hasnabad is a village? Anyway, there is obvious importance. Please contact me if any help needed, ping me in talk page. I think, every discussion should be on-wiki. Someone should start policy discussion on Wikipedia.

    Rajeeb: What is the rule of deletion?

    Jayanta: The community decided to delete the article, that doesnt mean the article cant be written.

    Rajeeb: If majority of article is contributed by many other efitors, shall it be deleted?

    Jayanta: It doesnt matter, if you have to pass according to the policy

    Jayanta: I and Tarun was searching on libraries in Kolkata and Howrah Bantra Library. What is the status of articles of all metro in bnwp?

    Shuvendu: Line 1 is completed and Line 2 is completed, others are not done.

    Jayanta: As a community, we should focus on West Bengal topics first.

    Tarun: Status about metro stations in Kolkata in bnwp?

    Shuvendu: Its there. but may be in stub

    Tarun: 294 Vidhan Sabha in West Bengal in bnwp. when I started the article, I worked half (?), working on expanding article

    Tanay: Can't login through hangouts. I am working on the interlinking of the Sahitya Akademi Award winners with their works. And on Ethnologue language code through Mix n match catalog created by Bodhisattwa. Will remain busy in real life, as such there will less presence on the wikis

    Tarun: I cant find info about vote distribution in Vidhan Sabha constituencies

    Jayanta: Sure, there is information about that. I will help with that.

    Tarun: I worked on census town and CD blocks, noticed that no articles are there for stations, need help with templates.

    Jayanta: I can help in importing that.

    Jayanta: We decided that, we can create articles minimum CD blocks, we can create articles on villages, only if there is any importance. In enwp, every village is notable.

    Bodhisattwa: please link with Wikidata.

    Shuvendu: Is Wikidata items searchable?

    Jayanta: As per Google indexing, cant help there

    Bodhisattwa: WD is used by many websites, including Google

    Rajeeb: International Mother's day, worked on districts of India, worked on Wikigap - Embassy of Sweden and Wikimedia Sweden collaboration. WLL. If there are any articles missing, I can work on that.

    Tarun: census towns in Howrah district missing in enwp and bnwp.

    Rajeeb: can we photograph and upload railway stations? There are rules for not photographing stations.

    Jayanta: FOP is not in India, unlike Europe

    Indrajit: Not related with FOP, As per Railway act, you can not take photographs. Not legal.

    Shuvendu: knowledge is free

    Rajeeb: Wikigap, we can do meetup in a office of a company, (ATS-M), have free venue and computers.

    Indrajit: Let me understand Wikiclub

    Rajeeb: Wikiclub is a physical entity where an affiliate can use as a mode of outreach, we can meetup.

    Indrajit: Bodhi, the fragrance of physical hangout is not here than online meetup

    Jayanta: we tried to meet physically, but couldn't succeed. Tito proposed a MiniTTT, but it couldnt materialize.

    Bodhi: someone need to organize

    Indrajit: due to family problem, I couldnt take initiative.

    Tarun: I have a venue in a school near Sealdah

    Prachatos: doing steward work

    Ananya: as usual Butterfly work, proofreading in Wikisource, Wikidata: census work in Karnataka districts, subdistricts through OpenRefine

    Rajeeb: Can't do physical work on 7th April as I will be busy on WikiGap

    Jayanta: Please Doodle. Ananya, when can you come?

    Ananya: Will come in June.

    Jayanta: Will have to take into consideration about Sumitadi, Ananya, Mourya as thy are outside the state.

    Tarun: Suppose, Rajeeb cant do it in 7th, can we do on 7th.

    Jayanta: There is not much possibility in Kolkata, we need to move to the districts.

    Indrajit: I dont know how many people understand opensource?

    Jayanta: volunteerism in our blood somehow, its not working here in Wiki.

    Indrajit: People have a better quality to become Wikipedian.

    Shuvendu:I contact new users who try to create articles

    Jayanta: we will video document every Wikimedians and their success stories. Indra, please take initiative.

    Indrajit: told 2 yrs ago. contated with studio but got no response from community. will take initiative on scripts, select whom to interview.

    Rajeeb: want to follow-up in colleges like and NSEC and JU, where previous events were done. need help

    Jayanta: Go ahead