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en:Wikipedia thinks it is an en:encyclopedia - and some call it many other things. But what it thinks it is is quite simple to verify. The en:mention of wiki in articles is useful to track, as any claim that Wikipedia is a good or bad example of something is subject to editing by any party. Wikipedia entries describing abstract concepts, rather than analogies or meta-discussions, define what it thinks it is - exactly. An attempt to seriously define What Wikipedia is must include at least the following (if not, then go edit those articles now).

Things that Wikipedia article authors claim Wikipedia is:

Technologically, it has been reasonably described as any of the following:

In addition, Wikipedia editors purport it to be examples of these concepts:

It is claimed controversially to be an example of other things in talk files:

It could also be said to be a couple of other things harder to classify:

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  • Wikipedia thinks it is not censored - or does it?