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This should be a project where information is collected that would span more than one encyclopedia article or that would not fit well in any article. With this I mean mainly answers to Why-Questions, maybe How-Questions as well.

It differs from the proposed Wikitrivia and Wikifacts in the sense that it does not provide clear answers to clear questions (Who, Where, When, ...). Instead it should (try to) answer questions like the (old) 'Why does the toast in most times falls on the buttered side?'. Fits this in the article for Toast or is Butter better? Maybe Gravity? Impulse? Rotation??

Other examples of questions I think of:

Why can one see more stars with a telescope than without? When a star is so far away that it could be assumed as a punctiform light-source then the same amount of photons should reach the eye with or without a telescope.

Why do man die when it is too cold? Ok, when it is too hot protein agglutinate. But what lethal mechanism works when it is too cold (but still fairly above 0°C). A lot of mammals hibernate without problems. (The same question can be asked with plants.)

The form of an article might be:

  • Question
  • Rationale (observations, considerations, thoughts, or ...)
  • Answer(s) what could contain references to Wikipedia (if somebody is able to answer)

A problem that has to be solved will be how articles could be found. This certainly includes the treatment of titles, headlines, indices, and search keys. Somebody who knows better than me will know whether the Wikipedia software has to be adapted for this.

-- Erlanger 12:38, 11 January 2006 (UTC)[reply]