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Wiki-Advocates Bénin (WAB) is a community of Beninese volunteer Wikimedians who promote free knowledge through various Wikimedia projects. Our main objective is to support the use of these projects in the field of education and to promote equal gender representation. We also want to empower communities by developing projects, supporting the defense of human rights on a global scale and organizing campaigns promoting the ecosystem of free knowledge.


Our group plans to carry out the following activities to achieve its objectives:

Main Objectives[edit]

  • Expanding the Aja and Gun Wiktionary through a series of edit-a-thons and language preservation activities, such as studying spellings, adding vocabularies, and recording pronunciations to the Wiktionary. help from the Lingua Libre and Spell4Wiki applications.

Secondary objectives[edit]

  • Meetups: The group will organize meetings for its members to exchange ideas and find ways to support them in their editorial work, especially in areas where they need help.
  • Translation: The group will help new Wikimedians learn editing techniques, translate and improve the content of Wikimedia projects using the content translation tool.
  • Trainings: The group will provide online and face-to-face training on how to contribute effectively to the various Wikimedia projects and how to participate in the various global campaigns.
  • Resource sharing: The group will develop free access materials related to the use of the various Wiki projects and will develop an offline version of Wikipedia adapted to Beninese communities, which it will share with remote communities in the country.
  • Community Hours: The group will host online tutorials, talks, Q&A sessions, and training for beginners, as well as experienced Wikimedians or anyone interested in open knowledge and Wikimedia-based projects.


  • Wiki-Enable: The lack of active editors and test wiki activity is what prevents the full development of these projects. The purpose of Wiki-Enable is to develop and maintain an active project, complete and proofread translations of the MediaWiki interface, and complete specific settings for the test project. The team is working on content creation in Aja Wikipedia and Wiktionary.
  • SheSaid Campaign in Porto-Novo: These are planned activities to document quotes from Beninese women on French Wikiquote and Gun Wikiquote. It's in support of Wiki Loves Women's international SheSaid campaign.

Future Activities[edit]

  • WikiTranslate Aja: a translation marathon to increase the content of Aja Wikipedia in the incubator. Date: November 1, 2023 - December 30, 2023
  • Aja lexemes on Wikidata: An edit-a-thon to add Aja lexemes to Wikidata. Date: January 6, 2024 - March 31, 2024.

Member Registration[edit]

If you are passionate about open knowledge, community engagement and the Wikimedia movement, we invite you to join our community! Please contact wikiadvocatesbenin(_AT_) To become a member of Wiki-Advocates Bénin, sign your name below by clicking "edit" and adding #~~~ at the bottom of the list.

  1. J.kolade (talk)
  2. Medaho (talk)
  3. Zuthergail (talk)
  4. Sekeke12 (talk)
  5. Mawulolo865 (talk)
  6. Sosusa (talk)
  7. Kpokpome (talk)
  8. Sambenou (talk)
  9. Rutchinaz (talk)
  10. Austin Jiwanu (talk)