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The main Focus & Mission of WikiActivate is to bridge the gap in important topics such as Climate change, Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria remote areas and promote Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects to remote parts of Nigeria through advocacy programs. The group also retrain and encourage Wikimedia volunteers who have relapsed in contributing to Wikimedia projects to start off again so as to aid develop and disseminate free knowledge and other educational content to the public domain.

This idea is a continuous process for us and we started off good with all our online trainings and meetings starting from WikiLockdown, WikiSanta, WikiInteract. We have organized Physical events such as Wikiactivate 2.0, Which was our first physical meetup. Anyone can become a member of this group. We continue to believe that the WikiActivate User group will address community needs and moving on towards the realization of the 2030 strategic direction.


  • Create awareness, Workshop, Training and Campaigns on free knowledge projects
  • Spreading the Wikimedia movement and projects.
  • Introducing Wikipedia technologies to volunteers/members.
  • Encouraging people to become contributors.
  • Helping on cooperation with other communities or institutions.
  • Helping to other community if they have any technical problem.

Plans for activities

  • Conducting Hackathon/Workshops and Meetups.
  • Promotion of Wikimedia projects and Free content in general. To encourage the use of Wikimedia resources in education
  • Organize workshops of Wikimedia technology for a community member/College student.
  • Develop new student technical group.
  • Will organize more outreach program to increase awareness about the Wikimedia technical education.



WikiActivate For Climate Action


The Wikiactivate initiative for SDGs Goal 13 seeks to contribute to the global campaign by addressing the existing gap related to Sustainable Development Goal 13 (Climate Action) on the English Wikipedia, with a specific emphasis on content related to Nigeria. This project's primary objectives are to raise awareness, provide training, and enhance or edit articles pertaining to Climate Change. By doing so, we aim to promote increased awareness and understanding of the issue of Climate Change within the Nigerian context.

WikiActivate for Climate Action event flier

Project Meta Page: WikiActivate For Climate Action

Project Result Dashboard: Dashboard



The main goal of WikiActivate is proposed to consolidate and keep editors and new editors active on the successes gained and also improve on the shortfalls of the previous projects. This project still retains the aims of Signing Up, and improve/edit articles, Upload pictures to close the picture gap on WikiCommons, and Introduce old editors to Wikimedia project-Wikidata



Wiki Lockdown is an online initiative for increasing awareness on the use of Wikipedia, Sign Up, edit articles, Upload pictures in Commons, Contribute to the community and Wikipedia Projects. Basically, the idea behind this is to train some undergraduates who are affected by COVID19 lockdown on a new skill as they await for the resumption of their various schools.

Please check report :Wiki Lockdown 2020



After a successful WikiLockdown, WikiSanta and WikiActivate, WikiInteract is proposed to consolidate, Interact and discuss with both old and new editors on the successes gained and also improve on the shortfalls of the previous projects. We also intend to have a session of discussion on the implementation phase of the Wikipedia movement Strategy. This project aims at Signing Up of new editors, improve/edit articles, and discussing the Implementation phase of the ongoing Wikipedia movement Strategy to our growing community. Happened on 10-24 July 2021 online. It was a one day, 8-hour event focusing on getting people together to hack on stuff related to all Wikimedia projects

Please check report :Wiki Interact 2021



We have mentioned in our goal that we wanted to involve students in this Hackathon. This helped us to create new volunteers for Wikipedia. These students are now having knowledge of Wikimedia technologies

Please check report : Wiki Santa 2021

Upcoming Meetups

  • WIKIACTIVATE TRAINING AND COMPETITION FOR 9-5 WORKERS || ID number is R-RF-2207-09641||17 September 2022
  • Wiki Interact 2023 ||18 June 2023 (In view)



Contact information


You can connect with us in the talk page of this page, or by email to the sysops at wikiactivate@gmail.com. We are also active on Twitter and Facebook group and page.

  • Wikiactivate - wikiactivate@gmail.com (Primary contacts)

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Community Members

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