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WikiAdvocates/Programs/Art and Feminism Philippines 2022/Roronoa Erica

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Art and Feminism Outreach in Catanduanes Island[edit]

Roronoa Erica, Wiki Advocates PH Member
User Roronoa Erica assists a teacher on how to connect to Kiwix

Narrative Report[edit]

Upon stepping out of my comfort zone by joining and attending the Catanduanes outreach activity that really excites me, but little did I know that the interesting part is waiting for me in Catanduanes. An outreach activity in an Island with a poor internet connection feels like a month or rather year of not being able to use online applications or activities. However, the interesting part is that we can now actually try and prove the power and help of having a kiwix device in an area with a poor internet connection. Wherein giving this device is actually the aim or reason why we conduct this activity in the Island of Catanduanes. After that, we finally were able to teach and guide the teachers on how to use the kiwix device and the basic editing steps for some wikiprojects.

What is your role as a volunteer in the wiki outreach activity conducted? How did you prepare for it?[edit]

For the Wiki outreach activity at Bislig Elementary School in Catanduanes, my role as a volunteer is to assist the teachers and other participants by guiding them through the other steps to access the information inside the kiwix device. I also assisted some of the participants by answering some of their questions. For me to have the courage to join in this activity and have the guts to answer some of their queries, we already practiced and made sure that we had enough knowledge about what we were going to share.

What are your learnings during the whole activity?[edit]

After the activity, I fully understand the importance of what we are doing. The goal and aim of every volunteer is to contribute so that people in other places who can’t afford an online resource that required payment will now have the chance to freely access and explore the information inside the Kiwix device or Wikipedia.

Give us a few highlights of your best experience in the activity.[edit]

During and after the activity in Bislig Elementary School, I noticed that we also applied one of the aims of Art+feminism which is the equity in terms of giving them the equal rights to be heard when they have questions. As a volunteer we guide some teachers that are needful. We, as volunteers, double check that there is no audience or teachers that are being left behind because that is how it is supposed to be.

Cite some difficulties you've encountered during the outreach activity and tell us what would you do differently next time.[edit]

The number one I noticed is that the venue is too narrow for the number of participants. So if given a chance to attend again to conduct the same activity, I would suggest asking for enough space for the number of participants.

As a volunteer, what impact did the activity have on you? Are you willing to be part of similar activities in the future?[edit]

It is an honor for me to have a chance to attend this activity for the second time. This brings out the best in me by stepping out of my comfort zone, traveling, and facing random people, to spread the opportunity for a free access information inside Kiwix device.