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Celebrating Bikol Wiksyunaryo's 3rd Birthday

The Central Bikol Wiktionary celebrated its third birthday on January 13, 2024! The day was filled with fun and excitement through sharing and edit-a-thon. For this very special day, the team set a goal of making the 7000th word entry on Bikol Wiksyunaryo. The recently ended Central Bikol Wiktionary birthday wasn’t only a day of remembering our fruitful past but also of anticipating and preparing for what awaits this project and other language Wiktionary projects. With the help of our 17 volunteer editors, the edit-a-thon resulted in 451 pages created and 520 pages edited.

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Human Rights Day in the Philippines 2023

In celebration of the International Human Rights Day 2023, the Wiki Advocates Philippines User Group conducted human rights awareness and information dissemination activities. Activities include poster-making contests, poster exhibitions, informal talks, sharing, and community merienda to foster friendship, and inclusivity, and advocate empowerment and social justice. This year, we aimed to provide an avenue for women and youth to cultivate care and love of themselves, other human beings, and our environment through awareness, freedom, equality, and justice for all. Throughout the celebration, 80+ persons registered during the day and 4 students participated in the poster-making contest. A translated version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was also printed on postcards and distributed among the participants.

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WikiDunong: EduWiki Initiatives in the Philippines Project

The WikiDunong project aims to support teachers and educators through the use and creation of open educational resources; distribute offline wikis to schools and barangay reading centers; promote Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom through training and module distribution; and create a pilot program of Wiki Open High as a capacity-building program for youth. “Dunong” is a Tagalog word equivalent to intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom. We aim to provide knowledge about wiki projects through this initiative.

In its pilot phase, we invite students at Camaligan National High School to assess themselves as to how they use online resources, specifically Wikipedia. Wikipedia is commonly stereotyped as being unreliable due to its editable content. With this session, students will learn the facts behind this claim and will be able to use this resource for their schoolwork while also learning how to properly cite the source of information. In addition, students will also be taught how to add structured data to images on Wikimedia Commons.

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WAP Volunteers at WikiWomen Camp 2023

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SheSaid Campaign 2023 in the Philippines

This is the 3rd participation of our group in this global campaign. Aside from our involvement in the Art+Feminism campaign, we are also actively contributing in this drive every year, placing us always on top contributors among the participating countries. In these year, we have received the highest number of participating editors developing two Wikiquote projects, the Central Bikol and Tagalog. We have also included a slogan making activity, wherein participants were tasked to create slogans that would amplify the voices of women and their rights in society.

Women@Work Philippines 2023

We recognize the different contributions of women in our society, may it be in simple ways or those that create greater impact. For years, we have been working with the Art+Femininsm Campaign and SheSaid drive, editing entries in Wikipedia and Wikiquote for notable women and individuals who fought for equal gender rights. There is still an abundance of untapped information among simple women in our community that we knew would inspire Wikimedians to seek equal representation of gender. In this community immersion, we interviewed several women at work and asked about the nature of their field and their knowledge about their rights, and in some instances, we just let them share their inspiring stories with us.

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Wikimania 2023

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Five members of the affiliate were able to attend the in-person Wikimania this year. For the second time, we were able to present one our local projects. This year, the team highlighted a language preservation initiative, the Wikiboses project. Collaboration and sharing are values we practice in our team to ensure that no one will be left. Volunteers from the Philippines have joined online sessions while they are in our learning hub. This year’s Wikimania paved our way into connecting to more partnerships and meeting our online friends from Let’s Connect, Art+Feminism, and the Leadership Development Working Group. We were glad to meet our fellow Wikimedians from Timor-Leste and helped them set up their meta-page while we were all in the Hackathon room. A post-Wikimania event was held to echo our learnings with each other and to inspire other volunteers to excel in their work and be part of the in-person Wikimania in the coming years.

Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos 2023 Campaign in the Philippines

On July 21, 2023, the Wiki Advocates Philippines User Group jumpstarted the first in-person session of the Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos Campaign for Central Bikol language editors. The session was filled with professionals, students and open knowledge enthusiasts. Fourteen (14) editors were successful in contributing to 3 local language wikiprojects. Top editors for these session were User:Even Barrameda, User:YamPikit and User:JBequio, with User:Kunokuno as the facilitator.

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